International Women's Day at Markas

Markas and International Women's Day: female leadership with a vision

08.03.2022 - Italy

For us at Markas, International Women's Day is not just an annual celebration. It is a constant commitment to safeguarding and rewarding equal opportunities and meritocracy. 

As a family business, we have always put our people at the heart of our activities, especially when it comes to female employees, who are part and parcel of our business: in fact, 83% of Markas' 10.000 employees across Italy, Austria and Germany are women.

This represents our vision and demonstrates how the company has always been focusing on the battle against stereotypes.
International Women's Day at Markas
8th March in Reggio Emilia

On the occasion of International Women's Day and in order to thank all female employees, Markas' President, Haidrun Achammer, Markas' General Manager, Evelyn Kirchmaier, and Markas' Sales & Marketing Director, Claudia Flaim, visited AUSL Reggio Emilia, where an all-female leadership team operates. From the Technical Area Manager, Paola Montresor, and the Coordinator, Enrichetta Mezzone, to ten female department heads and seven deputy department heads, there are several women in important strategic roles. 

In addition to AUSL Reggio Emilia, Markas also offers cleaning and sanitizing services to 'Policlinico di Modena Modena' Hospital, another healthcare facility where women thrive! So, taking into account these two collaborations, there are in total 433 female employees which equals to an impressive 89%. On top of that, in March 2022 more than 180 people have been added to our workforce in the framework of another new partnership with AUSL Modena. Once again, these figures demonstrate how important gender diversity is for all of us at Markas. 
International Women's Day at Markas
Vision and female leadership

Female leadership, vision, dialogue, teamwork and a strong regional presence are the key ingredients of our high quality professional and sustainable services.

Having such a high number of female employees from so many different countries and with such different backgrounds, stories or cultures, cannot but be a real strength and precious advantage. 

For Markas, embarking on a journey towards social equality and change is vital. That's why through our daily work and concrete actions, we showcase our trust in women and we support them every step of the way. 

Happy International Women's Day to all the women out there!