Professional housekeeping services for hotels

Our professional housekeeping services for hotels include a range of diverse solutions that can be personalized according to our clients' needs.  Whether it be an urban hotel, a luxury lodge, a wellness resort or holiday residences, our teams contribute to improving your company's performance by offering guests a clean, comfortable and safe experience.   

Our services

Room tidying and cleaning

Room tidying and cleaning

A comfortable and spotless room is at the core of a memorable hotel stay. That's why our customized professional housekeeping services for hotels and other hospitality structures are made to meet the needs of every client. From regular room cleaning methods to specialized disinfection techniques, our staff is trained to provide the right solutions, with the right equipment, in the most suitable manner.   

Porter and baggage service

Porter and baggage service

Delivering an exceptional welcoming experience to guests always matters. First and last impressions can play an integral role in creating a loyal and satisfied clientele, and so does a professional porter service; the very first and last person that often guests notice or interact with. In addition, handling clients' luggage means handling personal items that are often of high emotional value.  

Through our experienced and customer-focused personnel, we guarantee that guests not only have a great arrival and departure, but also that their personal items are always treated in a respectful and efficient manner. 

Turndown service

Turndown service

A large part of the hospitality industry is creating emotional connections with customers and an outstanding turndown service is a great opportunity for doing so. We work hand in hand with our hotel partners in order to set the right mood and create a calming and soothing ambience that guests can enjoy after a long day without feeling disturbed or intimidated. 

For us, an excellent turndown service goes above and beyond tidying the bed or dimming the lights. It is a genuine and well-thought-out service that we create together with our clients in order to further increase guest satisfaction levels.        

Minibar restocking

Minibar restocking

Part of our customized professional housekeeping services for hotels is also mini-bar restocking. Knowing the status of the mini-bar in any room and at any time and refilling it following the hotel's policy and safety standards is also part of the housekeeping services operated by our personnel.   

Extraordinary cleaning

Extraordinary cleaning

Ensuring an inviting hotel atmosphere sometimes requires going the extra mile. Besides our routine or regular housekeeping services, we offer bespoke cleaning solutions depending on the needs of each property. From cleaning special surfaces to maintaining common indoor or outdoor areas, we make sure that our hotel-partners' facilities meet the right hygiene standards and positively contribute to a remarkable hotel experience.  

Housekeeping certifications

ISO 9001

Quality ISO 9001

Markas has since 1996 designed and implemented a quality management system that meets ISO 9001 standards: the aim is to ensure continuous improvement of company performance according to the “plan-do-check-act” system.

ISO 14001 / EMAS

Environment ISO 14001 and EMAS registration

With the aim of promoting awareness and understanding among our staff towards environmental issues and of continuously improving the company’s approach to the environment, Markas has designed and implemented a dedicated management system that has, since 2005, met ISO 14001 standards and now (since 2017) meets EMAS standards. We are thus committed to identifying the environmental aspects, implementing projects that will reduce the environmental impact of company activities and monitoring compliance and regulatory updates.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Safety and health at Work

Staff health and safety is crucial for us. That's why Markas has implemented an occupational health and safety management system that meets ISO 45001 standards, ensuring a safe workplace and reducing health risks.

SA 8000

Corporate social responsibility SA8000

Social responsibility is one of the pillars upon which Markas stands. Operating in an ethical and transparent way towards stakeholders is a priority for the company, which has now obtained certification for its corporate social responsibility in accordance with Social Accountability 8000 standard. SA8000 is an international standard whose aim is to safeguard workers’ rights and achieve an overall improvement in working conditions.

ISO 29990

ISO 29990 learning services

Markas puts great emphasis on advanced education measures for its staff. As of 2017, the learning services of Markas are certified according to ISO 29990.

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