Sous vide cooking Vigasio Markas

Vigasio: the perfect blend between Clean and Food

01.08.2022 - Italy

Markas' food production facility in Vigasio represents the perfect blend between the group's key divisions: Clean and Food. It is a great combination of technology, innovation and safety in food manufacturing; an exemplary use of modern sous vide cooking techniques together with advanced cleaning and sanitization protocols designed specifically for the food sector.    

This is where we had the chance to bring together over 30 years of experience in professional sanitization and collective catering as well as to enhance our know-how and the services offered to our clients. 

Sous vide Vigasio Markas
A state-of-the-art food processing plant 

Today, our Food division manages approximately 150 food facilities and an average of 120,000 meals per day. In order to provide the right support to our food staff, who has to deal with this high volume of meals, in 2017 we opened our food production facility located in Vigasio, a cooking hub that allows us to offer our customers a high quality and tasteful culinary experience. Every day, thousands of meals are prepared there to then be delivered to various places across north and central Italy: universities, schools, healthcare structures and company canteens among others. 

What really characterizes Markas' food processing plant in Vigasio is the method of sous vide cooking, a culinary technique inspired by award-winning chefs that enhances flavor and above all allows to better preserve the nutritional values of raw materials. This is an excellent solution to further develop our culinary offer, allow our chefs to prepare haute cuisine dishes and offer our customers unique gastronomic experience.
Sous Vide cooking Vigasio Markas
Safety and hygiene come first

10,000 meals: this is the amount of dishes that are produced in Vigasio on a daily basis. To ensure that every single dish meets the standards and complies with the safety requirements, we have implemented a strict quality control, and above all a cleaning system that guarantees the highest levels of hygiene across the entire facility. 

Our sanitization methods of food-contact surfaces are continuously monitored and certified by accredited independent laboratories.

In addition, thanks to food safety controls and audits that we undergo every year, we are always up to date with all the latest regulations and certifications required to operate in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.    
Sous vide cooking Vigasio Markas
A service made-to-order

Owning and managing a food processing facility ourselves made us capable of understanding the needs of such a complex industry.

Therefore, we can offer a personalized service that has been perfected over the years.

We can offer a precise service that uses a number of techniques shaped during our 30 years' experience in the healthcare sanitization and disinfection sector and a strong knowledge of the food industry and its special requirements.