Markas 2021 Social Report

Markas 2021 Social Report  illustrates the year of the restart and the desire to look to future challenges with positivity and optimism. 

It is a summary of what 2021 was for Markas: a year in which we were able to start again, broadening our horizons towards new challenges and new markets. The achievements of this year were made possible thanks to our more than 700 clients, who continue to believe in us every single day, and thanks to our employees, who in 2021 reached the number of 10,000 throughout Europe. 

In 2021, we have, once again, recognized the importance of investing in people and their diversity in order to continue to be a place of integration and inclusion. 

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social report
Just like a real family: because that is how we want all our employees to feel. And this exact sentence can perfectly describe this chapter as well as Markas' philosophy when it comes to our people. In 2021, Kasslatter family, once again, promoted various corporate welfare initiatives, such as Markas Lift, a five-day creative bootcamp, dedicated to the children of Markas' employees, in order to create a 'meeting point' between the company and future generations. In addition, Markas WOW project was also launched in 2021. It aimed at streamlining the internationalization of Markas Group through an ongoing exchange of know-how and expertise.  

Human Resources
Let's start with the numbers: in 2021 Markas Italy recorded an increase of more than 611 new hires compared to the year before, reaching in total 7,499 contracts. Out of these, 93% have been permanent contracts. Regarding diversity and inclusion, it is important to highlight the strong presence of women, accounting for about 83% of the staff, as well as the increase in the number of foreign employees, accounting for approximately 27% of the staff, with over 90 different nationalities. 

2021 has been an intense and challenging year, in which we have tried to combine innovation and know-how in order to ensure increasingly sustainable corporate growth. The publication of the EMAS Environmental Statement has certainly worked towards this direction: presenting our ideas and strategies with a view to reducing our environmental impact. 
CFP Systematic Approach, an innovative management system that makes it possible to calculate the impact of each cleaning service in terms of CO2 emissions, has been another key project towards the same direction.   

Throughout 2021, Markas' Purchasing Department set the goal of strengthening business relations and ensuring the company's long-term solidity. Therefore, all framework contracts for the procurement of food supplies were renewed and new supplier evaluation tools were introduced. Another important achievement was the strong synergy achieved among the various countries that form Markas Group, especially when it comes to economic agreements, purchasing and client portfolio management.
social report
2021: the year of recovery. This is attested by the strong growth trend in terms of turnover, which increased by approximately 11% compared to pre-pandemic levels, as well as our participation in more than 350 tenders. As far as the Clean department is concerned, in 2021 Markas entered important new market segments reaching a client turnover of around 130 million, while new clients generated around 50 million in terms of turnover. In the Food sector, Markas chose to consolidate its client portfolio, investing in client retention and service optimization. Regarding Housekeeping, 2021 was a particularly successful year, and this shows that it is a sector with great potential.

Administration and finance
During 2021, the company's added value reached €158,203,772, an increase of 14.62% year on year. More than 93% of this amount was reinvested in our employees and the community. 
Another figure that should be highlighted is our turnover, which reached € 216,283,492 compared to € 195,139,347 last year. An important result achieved in a challenging period, which makes us quite proud of the incredible work done by all our employees.

2021 was the year of restructuring and new beginnings. The Food department reinvented offers and brought new solutions into the market aiming at increasing research and development investment. The Clean department, thanks to the new National Collective Agreement (CCNL), emphasized the importance placed on employees. In addition, regarding Markas' food production facility In Vigasio, there has been a continuous growth and even higher quality standards were achieved in 2021.

Information Systems, Organization and Innovation
One of the projects carried out in 2021 was the reorganization of our client and contract database together with the email migration to the cloud. As a result, the collaboration between Markas Italy and Markas Austria has been improved. When it comes to innovation, around 100 ideas were evaluated, all of them put forward by employees, start-ups and partners. Furthermore, key platforms or systems have been developed: Smartgate, which is used for logging important tender and procurement data; and Oracle HCM, which permits better workforce management thanks to the automation of HR processes.