Markas 2020 Social report

Markas 2020 Social Report illustrates a year marked by great challenges and important achievements, both from an economic and social point of view. It outlines the daily work of our coworkers as well as our relationship with our business partners and our clients. It takes Markas' stakeholders through the milestones of 2020, a very particular year and a year that was strongly influenced by the health emergency, during which our company never shut down. In order to thank each and every of our colleagues and reminisce together about their great efforts, we decided to go back in time, and take an in-depth look at how each department responded to the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

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social report
'A family in support of more than 9,000 employees': This would be the perfect title if we had to describe this section in a few words. In a year characterized by uncertainty and challenges, Kasslatter family implemented various corporate welfare initiatives in order to thank and support all Markas' employees: from advance payment of the FIS to solidarity holidays and the activation of a toll-free helpline to provide psychological support. 

Human resources
Even in a year like last year, Markas Italy continued to grow. At the end of 2020 Markas Italy had 6,888 employees and 155 more new hires compared to 2019 while 95% of the staff have a permanent contract. Diversity and inclusion have also been integral parts of our personnel; our employees belong to 84 different nationalities while 80% are women. 

2020 marks an important milestone when it comes to our certifications as the so-called "Best 4" certifications have been renewed: Quality ISO 9001, Environment ISO 14001, Health and Safety ISO 45001 and CSR SA8000. In addition, Markas was given the EMAS 2020 award for the most effective environmental statement while we also signed an agreement with Last Minute Market regarding the recovery of surplus food.

In 2020, Markas' Purchasing Department was formed. This new department played a key role in sourcing supplies and facing the challenges that emerged during the health emergency. Throughout the year approximately 9,500 different types of products were purchased, with an average of 2,000 items per day, and with only 6 non-compliances detected daily thanks to the accuracy of the company's well-tested vendor rating system.
social report
2020 showed that diversification was indeed a winning strategy. This is perfectly in line with Markas 2030 vision: focusing on the progressive and sustainable growth of all the different divisions that represent the company's service portfolio. One of the key objectives of this strategy has been consolidating the existing client portfolio and at the same time offering our complete service package to new clients.

Administration and finance
In 2020, the company's added value reached €138,021,496 while 94% of this amount was reinvested in our employees and the community. Furthermore, Markas has been given the Cribis Prime Company award, a prestigious recognition that proves the company's high commercial reliability. In fact, this important accreditation is awarded to only 7% of the 6 million companies that operate across the country, and Markas is one of them.

In a remarkably challenging and difficult year, our Production staff demonstrated outstanding qualities, confirming in this way the dedication, determination and flexibility that characterize Markas' people.

Information Systems, Organization and Innovation
Some of the key initiatives launched in 2020 included the creation of an Innovation department that aims to promote a creative and innovative corporate culture, the setup of Smartgate, a digital platform that allows for a better client communication as well as our CRM system upgrade that offers our clients the best experience possible.