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Markas: A new agreement for the staff of Bambino Gesù Hospital

31.05.2024 - Italy

At Markas, we have always placed our employees at the centre of our activities.

This time, we decided to invest in our cleaning staff at Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome. This agreement is a very important step aiming at further recognizing the dedication and professionalism that our people demonstrate every single day.

It comes after 2021’s agreement when, also at the same hospital, we decided to offer permanent work to 80 interim workers and increase the working hours for 44 people.

This time, the new agreement involves 28 employees, 18 women and 10 men, and provides an average monthly increase of 300 euros gross, along with an increase in working hours.
Markas’ HR Director - Luca Fantin

This significant investment confirms our commitment and attention to our people.

An important economic but also professional agreement

“Hospital cleaning and sanitising employees are strategic and indispensable because they provide a fundamental service for a health facility. 

They contribute to safety, to the care of places and people, and to the overall efficiency of the hospital itself. For us, this agreement represents an important recognition not only economically, but above all professionally. 

As Markas, we want to strengthen the relationship with our employees and increase their satisfaction as well as their personal growth, in order to ensure that everyone can do their utmost and offer the best service” says Luca Fantin, Markas’ HR Director.
Benefits Markas

Commitment to People

There are many actions we have implemented over time to take care of our people.

For example, we have provided all our employees with access to specific benefits through a portal called Corporate Benefits. Also from a financial point of view, we help them by enrolling them in the Asim Supplementary Health Care Fund.

In addition, we activate and promote various training courses that can help them in their professional development or that can also involve their children, such as Markas People Lift.

Finally, we have thought of policies for new parenthood or policies that allow a better work-family balance.
Family audit - logo

Our efforts have been acknowledged several times. first with the Family Audit certification, which attests to the attention and commitment the company dedicates to helping its employees improve their professional and personal lives.

Then, at the end of 2023, we were also awarded the Gender Equality certification, a recognition given to organizations that demonstrate effective policies and practices to promote gender equality in the workplace.