Brainfood: food far the mind

Maintaining the concentration levels is a priority far students and workers. However, people are often however unaware that there exist faods that can help susta in the brain's activity. Come and discover some faods that are sure to re-energise your brain! 

Foods that ensure an adequate and constant supply of energy to the brain are the following:
Wholemeal cereals
Dried fruit
Green leafy vegetables
Fresh fruit
brainfood_ recipe

Our recipe: Wholemeal pasta with cream of spinach and walnuts

lngredients for 2 people ​ 
200 g wholemeal pasta 
120 g spinach 
40 g onions 
20 g walnuts 
10 g flour 
5 g Evo oil 
salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste lemonjuice 

Peel and slice the onion then stew it in a pan with a little olive oil. Meanwhile cook the spinach in boiling water or in a steam oven. Once cooked, squeeze the spinach to remove excess water and add to the pan with the onion. Cook the spinach, adding salt, pepper and nutmeg. Cook the wholemeal pasta in plenty of boiling salted water. Mash the spinach and add the chopped nuts and the flour. Drain the pasta and toss it in the pan with the sauce, adding a dash of lemon juice. Piace on plates and serve garnished with a few chopped walnuts.