Markas, a multiservice company unique in its kind

An all-round offer: from cleaning to catering, from housekeeping to hospital logistics

Reliability, commitment and fairness. These are the values that have always been vital to Markas and that guide our family business.

With 38 years of experience in the world of services, not to mention over 12,000 employees, Markas is today an international leader in its chosen sector. As a specialized service company, we can offer major public and private institutions – hospitals, nursing homes, universities, schools and hotels – a fully integrated range of services, from cleaning to catering, from hospital logistics and patient assistance to housekeeping services.

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Our services


clean: a cleaning service without compromise

A clean, hygienically safe environment is a prerequisite for any facility, whether it is a patient’s room, an operating room or an office. Each room has its own specific needs and priorities to take care of.
We are well aware of this at Markas, so we offer a professional sanitization service that combines over 38 years of experience with services that are designed and tailored to the customer.


housekeeping: the hotel cleaning service that takes care of every detail

Clean and tidy rooms are the mark of a quality hotel, and among the first things that guests consider when choosing a place to stay. A professional floor service will therefore decisively contribute to improving the customer experience.
The Markas housekeeping service draws on this experience and aims to leave no detail to chance.


food: the fresh and genuine catering service

Eating well means first and foremost eating healthily: a priority for those who are studying, working or recuperating. We take care of every aspect of catering, providing school meals, catering for the social and healthcare sectors and the management of company dining facilities.
Using fresh and tasty ingredients, we aim to make each meal a moment to savour, offering personalized menus according to different nutritional needs.


facility: a range of services dedicated to maintaining facilities

Ensuring guests and staff experience an environment that guarantees a maximum of health and hygiene is a top priority for any establishment, public or private. It is therefore important to pay attention both to the air quality in closed rooms and to the possible presence of insects or pests.
Our aeraulic duct cleaning services, disinfestation and other complementary services are solutions specifically designed to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

logistics & care

logistics & care: efficient transport and assistance for patients

Anyone who works in a hospital environment knows how much time and energy is required to organize the transportation of patients and equipment within a hospital, as well as for providing support and assistance on wards:
Such work not only costs healthcare staff precious time, but also requires fast and efficient management.




At the centre: our employees

People have always been at the centre of our activities: we believe that their satisfaction is fundamental in ensuring the quality of our service. We have never stopped investing in our staff, developing their skills, offering opportunities for training and growth, and ensuring totally safe working conditions.



All-round sustainability

Sustainability first and foremost means taking care of the future. We are therefore committed to promoting the sustainable development of our company, not only from an environmental, but also from an economic and social point of view. We make choices that emphasise long-term development in order to ensure the soundness of our family business and create value for all our stakeholders.

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Innovation starts with us

Innovation is a staple of our philosophy, a principle that we apply to all areas of our activity. It is a way of everyday thinking and acting that forms part of the DNA of our staff, who constantly strive to find the best solutions to the increasingly complex needs of our customers.

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