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Markas and Fondazione SaluteVita: a collaboration for nutritional health and overall well-being

03.05.2024 - Italy

In the daily life of every nursing home, it's crucial to create a pleasant and comfortable environment where people feel at ease. Promoting such an atmosphere involves various aspects including healthy and enjoyable meals for the overall wellbeing of the residents.

From the beginning of our collaboration with Fondazione SaluteVita Onlus, to whom we offer our catering services, we have been sharing a common value: caring for our customers.

This has laid the foundation for a partnership that not only has developed over time, but also where open dialogue and discussion have played a crucial role in making simple ordinary moments a bit more unique.

Fondazione SaluteVita - smiling lady eating lunch
As a result, over time, we have initiated a series of activities at Casa Canossa and Casa Solaris nursing homes involving various figures: from residents’ relatives or facility coordinators and medical directors, to our chefs and staff.

One of these activities was the creation of a special menu on the occasion of Liberation Day, as featured on ‘Gazzetta di Mantova’ on April 26..
Beyond mere meal preparation

"Our partnership with Markas has become a fundamental pillar in ensuring the comfort and well-being of our guests. What we have today is a synergy fuelled by passion, attention, and care for the health and happiness of the guests at Casa Canossa and Casa Solaris. The menus, whether prepared daily or for special occasions, reflect our special connection that goes beyond mere preparation and distribution."
Fondazione SaluteVita - Markas’ chefs
A partnership that counts

We have always provided Fondazione SaluteVita with a catering service made from high-quality, fresh, tasty and healthy ingredients that contribute to their guests’ wellbeing.

To constitute our catering service even more enjoyable, recently, Markas’ chefs have also started to personally visit the dining areas. In this way they have the chance to talk to residents, comment on the dishes together and better understand their preferences or tastes.
This has made mealtime at Casa Canossa and Casa Solaris not just a moment of sharing and joy, but also an opportunity for dialogue and social interaction.

Something that confirms the attention and care that, together with Fondazione SaluteVita, we pay to every resident and something that contributes in creating a positive and comfortable environment where health and wellbeing are top priorities.