Catering for the social and healthcare sector

Catering for the social and healthcare sector, rising prices and future scenarios: Claudia Flaim and Armin Boschetto share their point of view

24.11.2022 - Italy

Claudia Flaim, Markas Sales & Marketing Director, and Armin Boschetto, Markas' Food Production Director, spoke to 'Ristorando' about the current situation when it comes to catering services for the social and healthcare sector. In the midst of rising prices and emergency services what are the future scenarios?   

Catering for the social and healthcare sector - Armin Boschetto

The current situation and the industry's needs

According to Armin Boschetto, due to the pandemic, which brought numerous restrictions and protocols, the catering for the social and healthcare sector has seen a decline when it comes to the meals provided. 

In this context, Markas has reacted by further optimizing its services and by investing in quality, research and development with the aim of meeting the exact needs of the facilities in which the company operates. 

Streamlining production processes and, at the same time, improving the quality of meals are some of the key objectives that Markas has set itself. How? By investing in new technologies and cooking techniques that can improve both meal preparation and service delivery.

Catering for the social and healthcare sector - Claudia Flaim

Rising energy prices, food products and future solutions

For Claudia Flaim, Markas' Sales & Marketing Director, the economic situation in the catering for the social and healthcare sector is inevitably linked to rising energy and food prices.  

One of the key issues highlighted by Claudia Flaim, is related to the Code, published in 2016 and for which there is no ISTAT application for tenders valid until the end of January 2022. 
The non-retroactive effect of this law has created a six-year legislative gap that strongly affects tender specifications and the current situation in terms of costs and prices. 

Claudia Flaim, ends by sharing her point of view when it comes to utility costs and catering contracts. Keeping utility costs out of catering contracts could help face this challenging situation for two very specific reasons: firstly, this type of costs do not strictly impact the level of quality of the service provided, and secondly, often the kitchen where the catering provider operates is located within the contractee's facility, and therefore the contractor cannot affect such costs.

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