Equal opportunities - diversity

Equal opportunities in the workplace: part of Markas’ DNA

05.04.2024 - Italy

We are well aware that equal opportunities and female employment go hand in hand. These are complex and global issues, deeply influenced by the cultural differences between men and women in the workplace. And that’s exactly what we discussed in the latest issue of GSA.

In our country, as in the rest of the world, there is widespread instability among women. In fact, it is estimated that only 39.9% have a job or are looking for one, compared to 57.6% of men. This is a delicate and important issue that concerns not only women but also the competitiveness of companies.

Therefore, it is essential for Italian companies to become increasingly appealing to this segment of society by implementing policies aimed at promoting equal opportunities and encouraging favourable working conditions for women as well.
Equal opportunities - gender equality
Markas’ commitment

Thanks to a series of initiatives designed to properly address cultural disparities in the workplace, Markas has managed to make gender equality and equal opportunities a business practice. The company, which now employees more than 12,000 people, has always focused on the well-being of its staff. For this reason, it has implemented innovative policies, for example the policy for new parents, that guarantee, on one hand, professional growth and development, such as pay equity or continuous training schemes, and on the other hand, a healthy balance between personal or family life and work.

All these initiatives are also supported by internal surveys that testify to the company's constant commitment to monitoring and meeting the needs of its people. The value of all these initiatives has been recognized several times through various certifications, or independent surveys, such as the Family Audit and the Gender Equality Certification, as well as Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2024. Promoting a fair and respectful work environment is a key purpose of Markas, which thus becomes a point of reference for society as well as smaller companies in promoting a more open approach towards gender equality.
Evelyn Kirchmaier - markas
The thoughts of Markas’ General Manager

On the occasion of the visit of the Minister of  Enterprises and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, to Noi TechPark in Bolzano, Evelyn Kirchmaier, Markas’ General Manager, emphasized the fact that from the very beginning Markas has been a company made up of women.

For us, equal opportunities and gender equality are essential elements of our corporate culture. They are part of our DNA. This is why we have increasingly adopted corporate strategies, outlined in a long-term plan, whose implementation has involved the company at every level, with a single purpose: to value and promote equal opportunities.

In fact, we are fully convinced of the importance they play for a more inclusive, respectful, as well as fair society and work environment.”

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