Robots and the future of cleaning

Markas and San Luigi Hospital: Innovation and robotics for the future of the cleaning industry

03.06.2024 - Italy

Cleaning robots are a widespread feature in the multi-service world, and companies in the sector are observing with great interest how this type of innovation can optimise the quality of their cleaning services.

At Markas, we are increasingly adopting a multi-strategic approach to robotics while emphasizing the central role of human workers in performing specific tasks.

Our goal is to carefully evaluate the full potential of new technologies, including the benefits they can bring to our operators, not only in terms of task execution but also in their professional development.
Robots and the future of cleaning - cleaning lady
In fact, using and properly leveraging new cleaning robots requires up-to-date skills. This is how a cleaning operator can become a highly specialized figure.

Testing phase

In order to understand how new robots can help operators’ work, we chose to invest in state-of-the-art robots such as the latest generation R12-REX CS floor-cleaning robot.

Thanks to the collaboration with the management team of the San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital in Orbassano (TO), we were able to test the machine in the facility’s common areas, assessing its potential advantages. 
floor-cleaning robot - R12-REX CS

Already during other trials, we were able to see how the machine, in addition to being technologically advanced, is able to provide a more efficient, qualitatively superior and sustainable service.

In addition, it proved to be particularly relevant for workers, who were given help and support in repetitive tasks that always take up a lot of their time.

With the support of the machine, tasks have been simplified both in terms of management and operational efficiency.
Robots and the future of cleaning - training programs
Creating a new professional figure through training

Introducing such robots presents an excellent opportunity for our employees to specialize and develop new skills related to operating and handling specific machines.

Through specialised training programs, we offer our cleaning staff the chance to update their skills and become increasingly important professional figures since they can acquire the necessary knowledge to operate technologically advanced machinery. 

Thus, the role of a cleaning operator can evolve into a new profession, making the cleaning sector more competitive and attractive.