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Markas and Kärcher: a partnership for sustainable success

29.03.2022 - Austria

As a service provider, we always aim to provide the highest degree of quality in everything we do. In order for this to succeed, several factors must go hand in hand – reliable partners, along with committed employees, are among the most important aspects in our everyday business.

Markas places great importance on maintaining stable and long-term relationships with its stakeholders and on selecting new partnerships according to objective criteria and high standards. This is exactly how the cooperation with Kärcher came about in 2020: not only is the company the world market leader in the field of cleaning technology, but Markas and Kärcher also share a very similar philosophy.
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Sustainability is the key to the future

Up until today both companies are still family businesses, characterised by a long-term strategy that focuses on people and the environment.

Innovations to avoid emissions, a sustainable supply chain and "cleaning on demand" (which means that cleaning frequencies are controlled by sensors) are just some examples of measures that both Kärcher and Markas pursue.
man on a cleaning machine

Employees as a success factor

We spend the majority of our day at work. It is therefore all the more important to create a working environment that impacts people in a positive way. The compatibility of work and family, physical and mental employee health as well as professional development and continuous education are central concerns for Kärcher. The same holds true with Markas: learn more about this here.

Taking responsibility is deeply anchored in the corporate philosophy of both companies – a shared set of values creates a solid basis for a successful business relationship over many years. Together, we are optimistic about the future and look forward to all the challenges ahead!