Markas' employee satisfaction survey

Markas' employee satisfaction survey: creating a better workplace

19.07.2022 - Italy

From 9th May to 13th June, all Markas employees in Italy had the opportunity to take part in Markas' employee satisfaction survey. 

Why conducting an employee survey?

Our most important asset is our people. And a survey is a great employee listening tool that offers the opportunity to really get to know what our people think. Knowing our employees' views or potential challenges, when it comes to job-related matters, allows us to improve ourselves and create a better workplace. A positive workplace improves not only the way workers feel but also their motivation and productivity. This equals better collaboration and accomplishment of shared goals.

So why conducting an employee survey? 
- to monitor employees' experiences, 
- to highlight areas of improvement
- to promote activities that engage staff and strengthen the company's objectives and culture. 

In other words, three single factors linked to one bigger objective: listening to what your employees have to say and make them play an active role in your business' growth.
Markas' employee satisfaction survey - happy faces

Giving all employees a voice

All Markas staff, of all levels and job functions across Italy, including people working on-site and off-site, had the opportunity to share their opinion on various work-related topics.

The online survey included 30 questions, was completely anonymous and could be completed via smartphone or PC.

It was designed to explore employees' views on various topics: from work relationships among colleagues and managers, to the difficulties encountered as well as positive aspects of daily work.  

Thanks to its digital nature, the survey helped us obtain a more representative feedback. At the same time it allowed us to establish a more direct and sincere relationship with our staff. 

Markas' employee satisfaction survey - new ideas

Expectations and results

What's next? Now, the last step of Markas' satisfaction survey is underway: all feedback has been collected and is being analyzed in order to evaluate potential solutions or ideas as an answer to issues that emerged. These will, then ,be translated into concrete projects. 

The participants, and in general the entire workforce, will be informed about the results and upcoming projects during the coming months.

The objective? An improved workplace environment for our employees!

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