Markas Festival: teamwork and collective success

Markas Festival: celebrating teamwork and collective success

24.10.2023 - Italy

In September 2023, the second edition of Markas Festival took place in Brescia.

More than 500 Markas' employees from all over Italy were invited to Markas' corporate event dedicated to its employees in order to spend quality time with each other as well as celebrate another year of teamwork and important achievements.  

Markas Festival: teamwork and collective success - people dancing

A day to connect outside the office

Markas Festival is the company's annual corporate party in Italy, which was held for the first time back in 2022, with the aim of celebrating employees' dedication and fostering a vibrant collaborative work culture. 
But it is not just about celebrating. It is also about honouring hard work and team spirit. With more than 11,000 employees and a really demanding work environment, employees rarely have the opportunity to meet colleagues from different locations or departments in-person and spend some quality time with each other. 

Therefore, Markas Festival serves as an occasion to connect outside the office, get to know each other and applaud the uniqueness of each individual that makes Markas team so special and so diverse.  

Markas Festival: teamwork and collective success - people laughing

Markas Festival, the Brescia edition

The day started early in the morning with people arriving to the outskirts of Brescia from all over Italy: office employees, service managers, coordinators, technical managers, dietitians and other Markas' key figures were all there.

The celebration commenced with a warm welcome from Markas' Managing Director, Christoph Kasslatter, who emphasized the importance of collaboration raising a glass to another successful year and a positive work culture where every voice is valued and appreciated.  

What followed was a day full of shared moments, laughter, music, food, dance performances, entertainment, games and competitions. The atmosphere was filled with positive energy reminding everyone that the workplace can be not only a place of professional growth but also a source of inspiration, joy and personal well-being.   

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