Markas Lift

"Young people don't need criticism, they need the right tools to interpret the business world and understand how they can best use their full potential. We want to act as a 'lift' to the top, as a 'skills accelerator' and accompany them on their path to self-fulfillment."
 Christoph Kasslatter

 Managing Director Markas
Markas Lift
Creating positive community impact

Having a positive impact on our community starts, first and foremost, with us, our employees and their families.

And that was the key idea behind Markas Lift: supporting and guiding our employees' sons and daughters through one of the most important moments of their lives, entering the world of work. 

In a country like Italy, where there is one of the highest skill mismatch rates, helping younger generations reflect on their career path, achieve their dreams and above all become our future business and community leaders has always been a top priority for us.
Markas Lift

An initiative dedicated to the children of Markas' employees 

Markas Lift is a project dedicated to the children of our employees. It has been specifically designed to provide younger generations from all over Italy with valuable 'tools' in order to better understand their strengths, evaluate potential career opportunities and improve their leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

'We wanted to design, develop and implement a project dedicated to the children of our employees, and offer them the opportunity to discover their true talents by giving them valuable insights into the world of a well-structured company like Markas' says Evelyn Kirchmaier, General Manager of Markas.


Markas Lift

A full immersion in today's career world 

15 participants, sons and daughters of Markas' employees aged between 18 and 29; a unique accommodation immersed in nature;  five days of classroom meetings, role-playing sessions, group exercises and outdoor experiences; certified tutors with years of experience; Markas' employees from different departments including directors and key leadership figures.

The result? Unforgettable moments, valuable learning experiences, many happy faces, incredible young people and some of tomorrow's leaders.