Business Ethics: students get a peek behind the curtain

Business Ethics: students get a peek behind the curtain

18.03.2024 - Austria

As part of the subject "Business and Ethics", 25 pupils from the Mary Ward High School in St. Pölten visited Markas' headquarters in St. Pölten in early March in order to find out more about our work.

In addition to a presentation about our history and our service areas, we also presented current sustainability projects to the pupils.

Business Ethics - young girl holding green plant

The young students were then able to experience the cleaning service first-hand in individual workshops: they were able to try out some cleaning equipment for themselves together with our Technical Manager, Thomas Meindorfer.

They also had the opportunity to take part in various workshops, which were organized together with NEBA Betriebsservice, on the topic of "Working with disabilities" in order to understand what it feels like to carry out activities with a certain physical limitation. They had to load a cleaning trolley blindfolded or explain a process to their classmates, who wore headphones.

Business Ethics: students workshop at Markas

Markas has been actively involved in the recruitment of people with disabilities since 2021. 

In Austria alone, the service provider currently employs around 40 people with disabilities.

Markas has already received several awards for its initiative: in addition to the ALC Special Prize for Inclusion in 2021, Markas was also awarded the Trigos Lower Austria and European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards last year, and the Managing Director of Markas, Gerlinde Tröstl, received the Entrepreneur Award.

The young students and their teachers were extremely interested and found gaining an insight into the cleaning service very exciting.