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Heterogeneity, inclusion and corporate regeneration: the growth of the large Markas family continues

28.02.2023 - Italy

The latest balance sheet, updated to 2022, regarding the number and structure of Markas Italy employees sends a loud and clear message: the Markas family is constantly growing.

Heterogeneity, inclusion and regeneration. These are the three key words that best capture the current composition of the corporate workforce.
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New life for corporate regeneration

Analyzing the 2022 data in detail, it becomes clear how Markas is experiencing internally a process of corporate regeneration. A trend that not only has brought new life in terms of corporate composition, but also allows the company to look to the future with confidence and ambition. Indeed, in 2022, compared to 2,445 exits, there were as many as 3,601 entries: a positive ratio of +1,156 new employees.

Specifically, the departments that experienced the greatest turnover and thus overall growth were Clean and Housekeeping. There were 1,088 employees who terminated their employment with Markas in the Cleaning and Sanitation division, while 2,172 were hired in the same time period, totaling an overall +1,084 in the Clean division. In Housekeeping, on the other hand, compared to 762 new hires, 624 employees terminated their contracts. A +138 that nevertheless bodes well, in a sector that suffered greatly during the pandemic years and is now recovering.
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Markas, where heterogeneity and inclusion are strengths

The other major element that emerges from the analysis of the 2022 data is the increasing presence of women and foreigners within the large Markas family. In fact, out of a total of more than 8,000 employees belonging to Markas Italy, as many as 84 percent are of the female gender. This statistic, however, may appear misleading and needs to be analyzed in detail. In fact, women in Markas do not make up the majority of staff only in the contracts of the Clean, Food, Housekeeping and Logistics&Care divisions, but occupy a variety of decisive roles. For example, as many as 63 percent of the clerical figures, who work in the various Markas locations throughout Italy, are female.

Another figure that has not only stabilized from the previous year but has even shown growth is the foreign presence in Markas. In 2022, employees of foreign origin enriched Markas' workforce by 28% of it, with the Clean and Housekeeping divisions among those most represented. 
This is an important signal that once again certifies the company's focus on inclusion so that Markas can be a safe, healthy, and familiar place of personal integration and gratification.
The data on 2022, so positive and encouraging, represent a starting point and a springboard to continue investing more and more each day in what is really the real beating heart of Markas: our employees!