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Triple management boost for Markas Germany: strengthening leadership for top quality cleaning services

11.01.2024 - Germany

Upon the start of the new year, Markas has been focussing on reinforcing its high quality cleaning services and business operations in Germany by strengthening its management team with three new additions.

On January 2nd 2024, under the leadership of Rudolf Menningen, the newly appointed Chief Officer Representative, Florian Bahner and Maximilian Kubot joined Markas Germany as Head of Sales and Head of Back Office respectively.
Gender Equality Certification - Evelyn Kirchmaier
Markas' General Manager, Evelyn Kirchmaier, and Markas' Head of HR, Luca Fantin, on Gender Equality

'Employees' well-being is at the very heart of Markas. This is why we have designed and implemented a strategic plan where we have defined specific actions and objectives based on qualitative and quantitative KPIs. Having obtained the Gender Equality Certification (...) is an achievement that, as General Manager and as a woman, makes me extremely proud' says Evelyn Kirchmaier.

'At Markas, men and women are equally valued and this certification is a confirmation that we are on the right track. Markas does not just want to be a workplace, but a point of reference for society and smaller companies' explains Luca Fantin. 
Gender Equality Certification - People Working
What has been done and what can be done for Gender Equality

There are many different types of initiatives for Gender Equality that Markas has implemented and that have contributed to obtaining this certification.

These include the equal pay; increasingly unbiased recruiting and hiring processes; regular communication and training plans to raise employee awareness around the topic; as well as internal surveys to monitor the progress of projects and investigate the degree of satisfaction among employees.

Markas' ongoing commitment to the continuous improvement of people's well-being, ensures that every single effort or action has a positive impact on the quality of workplace and society of the future.