Trigos NÖ Award 2023 for Markas

Trigos NÖ Award 2023 for Markas

19.09.2023 - Austria

Markas GmbH wins Trigos NÖ Award 2023 in the category "employee initiatives" with the project "This is us"

Markas GmbH has won the coveted Trigos NÖ Award 2023 in the category "employee initiatives". The award was presented during the glittering festivities on September 18th, 2023 in the Schallaburg and was accepted by Managing Director Gerlinde Tröstl.

The award was presented for the 20th time and recognizes companies that excel in outstanding social and ecological initiatives in business. Markas GmbH received the award for its project "This is us".
Trigos NÖ Award festivities 2023 in the Schallaburg
"We are deeply honored to win the Trigos NÖ Award 2023 in the category employee initiatives", said Managing Director Gerlinde Tröstl. "This award is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of our employees and our continous commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. ´This is us´ is a testament to how important the collaboration and commitment of our workforce is to the success of our company."

About "This is us":
When selecting employees, origin, age, gender or certain limitations do not play a role. Equal opportunities for everyone have always been very important to Markas. The company is committed to providing an inclusive and diverse workplace that welcomes people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities and generations. Markas strongly believes that collaboration and understanding are key to success and growth. The goal is to be an employer where everyone feels respected and valued. With "This is us" Markas aims to create awareness at all levels within the company - in line with the motto "we are all different but nevertheless we pursue a common goal: to ensure top quality services."