Evelyn Kirchmaier about the future

Turnover, targets and growth: a few words from Markas' General Manager, Evelyn Kirchmaier

18.11.2022 - Italy

Markas General Manager, Evelyn Kirchmaier, spoke to Milano Finanza, and gave an overview of the company's current and future challenges: from energy costs, targets, and the importance of employees to the company's continuous growth.

Evelyn Kirchmaier about the future

Cost increase and turnover forecast

In the first part of her interview, Evelyn Kirchmaier gives an overview of the last two years, emphasizing that 2021 was, in fact, the year of post-Covid recovery, with the group's turnover exceeding 285 million Euros. 

"In 2022 we expect a growth of around 20%, reaching 320 million Euros in turnover, however, our profitability will be affected compared to previous years. This is because of the increase in personnel costs, following the recent and long-awaited Collective Agreement as well as, food and energy costs".

Evelyn Kirchmaier about the future
Group goals

Next, Evelyn Kirchmaier refers to the generational change and management succession when Markas' founders, Mario Kasslatter and his wife Haidrun Achammer, decided to pass the leadership of the company down to their children. "It was a really important transition, especially in terms of reorganization" emphasizes Evelyn, and continues by analyzing the situation in the European markets in which Markas operates. 

The company's main market is Italy, worth 250 million Euros, followed by Austria. When it comes to Germany, Markas' newest market, the company intends to consolidate its activities as well as harmonize processes and collaboration within the group in the next few years.
Evelyn Kirchmaier about the future
Looking into the future

Evelyn Kirchmaier's interview finishes with a look into the future and the company's objectives. She shares her plans for further growth, confirming in this way that Markas is a reliable employer, capable of attracting new talent and retaining its employees.

"We will need to continue to manage successfully price increases, so we are aware of the fact that we have to keep monitoring and optimizing every process. There is a series of challenges, in the short, medium and long run, which we can face successfully by investing in planning and skill development without ever forgetting the family nature of the company".

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