Female leadership at Markas

Female leadership: Markas’ General Manager, Evelyn Kirchmaier, shares her thoughts

04.05.2023 - Italy

Today, in a society that is facing cultural change and is ready to open up to new challenges, female leadership and the gender pay gap are among the most debated topics. This, of course, also applies to the professional cleaning sector, where Markas is constantly trying to ensure gender equality.

Our General Manager, Evelyn Kirchmaier, spoke to GSA and shared her thoughts about this crucial matter.
Female leadership and gender equality

The role of women in Markas

"In our company and in our lives, women and men not only have equal opportunities but also equal value. As women, we are present in all levels of the company, with many young women stepping up and being able to take on more challenging roles. At Markas, in fact, a total of 18 out of 39 managers and team leaders are women".

With this insight, Markas’ General Manager, Evelyn Kirchmaier, outlines the importance of women at Markas, pointing out at the same time that women also represent 84 % of the company's workforce.

"All our statistics and numbers show that there is no gender pay gap at Markas" adds Evelyn Kirchmaier.
Female leadership at Markas - many hands together
The future of female leadership

"I am convinced that nowadays there is a more positive culture compared to the past years. I notice significant steps forward. Sometimes the disparity is due to ourselves. We have to believe in our abilities and above all help each other." responds Evelyn Kirchmaier when it comes to the future of female leadership and female entrepreneurship.

It is on this exact matter, the spirit of togetherness among female workers, that Markas is focusing on a daily basis by investing in specific projects and providing relevant tools and opportunities. Among these, the recently signed Supplementary Collective Agreements, rewards based on results, performance and satisfaction surveys, as well as ‘MarkasXvoi’, an initiative designed to make all employees feel part of one big family. "As a company we have been rolling out an action plan to make people understand how important and vital the service we provide is. In this way, we are trying to enhance the respect, value and dignity that surrounds our work."
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