improve hygiene in healthcare - hand in scan technology

Using innovation to improve hand hygiene in healthcare

05.05.2022 - Italy

Did you know that on average, about 60% of healthcare associated infections are caused by improper hand hygiene? 

For us, at Markas, on the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day, raising awareness about improved hand hygiene in healthcare is vital. Correct hand sanitizing can have a huge impact on patient and staff safety as well as the overall management of each hospital or medical facility.

That's why, we are using 'Semmelweis HandInScan' technology in hospitals, starting with 'Michele e Pietro Ferrero' Verduno Hospital, a valuable client of Markas and one of Italy's most important hospitals located in the province of Cuneo.
promoting improved hand hygiene in healthcare - hospital staff
The technology

'Semmelweis HandInScan ' is a digital scanner that evaluates hand cleanliness and gives indications on how handwashing procedures can be enhanced. 

In what way? With the help of artificial intelligence, this pioneering system uses advanced scanning technology in order to capture digital images of the user's hands. 

By displaying real-time feedback on clean and dirty hand areas, it indicates the status of hand hygiene of each healthcare worker. The results can then be shared with the hospital management or the specific department. 

Introducing this innovative solution not only supports a strategic training framework regarding the correct hand sanitation procedures but also perfectly fits within the strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols that Markas applies within the hospital in order to guarantee safer environments for all. 
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Innovation at the service of our clients

Placing purpose and positive change at the heart of our innovation  strategy helps us stay constantly curious, discover innovative technologies and come up with new ideas and solutions for our clients.

For example, improving hand hygiene in healthcare by as little as 30% not only can prevent the spread of health threatening infections among patients, but it can also have a very positive impact on the overall management of each hospital. 

Whether in the field of cleaning and sanitizing , collective catering  or hotel housekeeping , our teams analyze studies or trends and work hand in hand with clients in pursuit of a common goal: grow their business and make a positive social or environmental impact.