EU Ecolabel - markas staff cleaning

EU Ecolabel for Markas' cleaning service

12.04.2022 - Italy

In an increasingly dynamic and environmentally aware sector such as the cleaning sector, being able to trust a professional cleaning company that can offer both quality and sustainable cleaning services is essential. 

In this sense, the EU Ecolabel scheme for "Indoor Cleaning Services", established by the European Commission's Decision (EU) 2018/680 of 20 May 2018, marked an important step forward and incentivized several companies to address the environmental impact associated with their cleaning services.
EU Ecolabel - cleaning bathroom
Markas' Eco Clean, an Ecolabel-certified service

Markas is one of these companies mentioned above; with its recently launched Eco Clean service, Markas has been given the EU Ecolabel registration for cleaning indoor environments such as hospitals and health care facilities (low-risk areas including corridors, waiting rooms, rest rooms etc.), as well as other commercial buildings and institutions accessible to the public (offices, hotels, schools , universities, public administration buildings etc.).
The Eco Clean service stands out for its reduced environmental impact thanks to the use of certified eco-friendly products, low-emission equipment and vehicles, recycled and recyclable materials as well waste management systems.

All chemical products (such as detergents and cleaners) and cleaning accessories (such as microfibre cloths, soaps and paper) are EU Ecolabel certified, guaranteeing up to 15% more effectiveness than traditional products. At the same time, the use of these products and equipment lowers CO2 emissions by 40%. In addition, energy-efficient washing machines are used in order to reduce water and energy consumption. 
EU Ecolabel - green leaf
Training and sustainability

Another field in which Markas invests heavily is staff environmental awareness training: employees who are properly trained and well aware of sustainable choices can clearly see  the benefits.

Also, Markas' clients have the opportunity to measure the environmental impact of their facilities' cleaning service using the CFP Systematic Approach. This is a certified system that can be used for both planning and reporting purposes, reducing in this way the impact of the cleaning service in terms of CO2 emissions. 

For Markas, sustainability is vital; it means taking care of the future, thinking and making choices that are efficient in the long run and can improve the quality of life. 
These services are a proof of Markas' sustainability strategy, a path that aims at taking center stage in all corporate activities.