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The beginning of a new era: Markas' first Sustainability Report

25.10.2023 - Austria - Italy - Germany

Markas Group has published its first Sustainability Report: a document through which the company aims to communicate its sustainable impact from a social, environmental and economic perspective. 

The Sustainability Report represents the beginning of a new era and it is the outcome of three years of intensive work, characterised by meetings, exchange of ideas and constant involvement of stakeholders across the entire company.

Markas' first Sustainability Report - happy people
Why a Sustainability Report?

Where did the need to publish a Sustainability Report come from? Sustainability is one of Markas' key  corporate strategy pillars. The beginning of a new era coincides with the development of Markas' Sustainability Plan 2022-2025, characterised by a series of concrete initiatives and projects. This is why Markas has decided to report and communicate, in a transparent and accurate way, the impact of the company.

'We are proud to present the first Sustainability Report of Markas Group,' says Markas' Managing Director, Christoph Kasslatter. 'With the transparency that distinguishes us, we have made a commitment to clearly communicate the impact of our work, both positive and negative, in a conscious and comprehensive way in terms of environmental, social and economic aspects. The Sustainability Plan translates into a precise choice, that of making a daily commitment to people and the environment by building an innovative and forward-looking approach'.

From a technical point of view, the document is based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), which is a set of strict European standards that measure the commitment of companies and their impact. Meeting these criteria is part of the wider programme of action of UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which requires all UN member states, and consequently also their corporations, stakeholders and companies, to achieve certain goals including reducing inequality, fighting poverty and combating climate change.
Markas' first Sustainability Report - group of people working together
Concrete initiatives

For Markas, sustainability means, above all, carrying out concrete projects that can improve the services offered, make the corporate organisation more efficient and enhance the well-being of employees and stakeholders.

Starting with the Clean division, Markas introduced the low-impact cleaning service, Markas Ecoclean, which also includes the use of sustainable Ecolabel-certified products. As far as the Food division is concerned, and specifically catering services for schools, companies and healthcare institutions, Markas has put various initiatives in place. These include the use of electric vehicles for transporting meals, partnerships with companies such as Last Minute Market and United Against Waste for the implementation of a waste monitoring and prevention system, and, finally, the development, in agreement with Alperia, of the 'Piano per la Transizione Ecologica (PTE)' platform for monitoring energy consumption at Markas' facilities as well as across clients' facilities where Markas operates.  

Find out how our first Sustainability Report was brought to life, read each chapter, discover all Markas' sustainable initiatives and download the detailed report (in Italian and German only) by visiting our Sustainability page.