A dish for the planet': a project of Markas and Dr. Schär - hands hodling the globe

'A dish for the planet': Markas and Dr. Schär for a new food culture

27.07.2023 - Italy

Food culture is defined as the set of attitudes, experiences and practices that each community has towards food, both in terms of production and consumption.The project "A dish for the planet", a collaboration between Markas and Dr. Schär, was designed with the aim of promoting a new sustainable food culture based on the concept of the Planetary Health Diet. 

What is the Planetary Health Diet? A specific type of diet, characterized by a large number of products of plant origin to which foods of animal origin can be added in smaller quantities.
A dish for the planet': a project of Markas and Dr. Schär - vegetables, legumes and seeds

The project

'A dish for the planet' was born from a thesis project idea and has since developed into a collaboration between Markas and Dr. Schär. The initiative, which covered a period of four weeks, took place in early 2023.

It involved Dr. Schär's employees and the meals offered at the company's canteen, managed by Markas. During this period, sustainable and environmentally friendly dishes based on the Planetary Health Diet guidelines were offered and integrated into the daily menu.
A dish for the planet: a project of Markas and Dr. Schär - fork and knife

The results

The project was very well received by the end users: more than 70% of Dr. Schär's employees were pleased with the initiative.

"A dish for the planet" also had a concrete impact on people's dietary awareness: according to the questionnaires filled out at the end of the project, more than 70% of the participants were considering limiting meat consumption levels in their daily diet to a maximum of two portions per week.

A dish for the plane': a project of Markas and Dr. Schär - lentil curry

What's next?

Given the excellent feedback received, Markas and Dr. Schär have decided to permanently include the most popular dishes on the menus. 

These are: lentil curry, legume and vegetable curry, warm winter bowl, and one-pot lentils with pumpkin and spinach.

Overall , the project 'A dish for the planet', Markas and Dr. Schär have actively contributed to the cultivation of a new healthy, balanced and sustainable food culture.