Housekeeping Training

Housekeeping Training Beyond Technical Skills

27.02.2024 - Italy

For hotels, ensuring a clean and tidy hotel room is an extremely important selling point. For this reason, it is necessary to offer a professional, precise and detail-oriented housekeeping service, but not only. 

Availability, friendly staff, a pinch of kindness and a smile can give that added value that can positively affect guests’ experience, and therefore their choice to return.

At Markas we are fully aware of the importance of these soft skills, and we believe that providing adequate training not only in technical skills, but also in the development of these positive attributes, is fundamental.

That’s why, throughout 2023, numerous housekeeping training courses have been organized. The objective?  Help our employees develop this positive attitude.
Housekeeping Training - soft skills
Soft skills and interpersonal relationships: the example of the Housekeeping Manager

Active listening skills, clear and efficient communication, a propensity to find solutions through collaboration: these are some of the skills considered fundamental for effective relationship management and thus ensuring prompt service.

For example, Housekeeping Managers at Markas not only have the responsibility of managing, controlling, organising and training the housekeeping staff, but they also need to have a certain attitude towards their co-workers. They need to have personal qualities such as tact, patience and the ability to understand the needs of others.

In addition, they should nurture a sincere interest in people, motivate them, and encourage them to improve, always maintaining a fair and influential attitude (not resorting to intimidation).

These characteristics make our Housekeeping Managers a point of reference for the entire staff and our hotel clients. Because thanks to them, they manage to create a positive and motivating work environment, which proves decisive for the success of the team and for customer satisfaction.
Housekeeping Training  - smiling woman
What does Markas’ Housekeeping training include?

For us at Markas, people, who deal with housekeeping, are a valuable and strategic resource because they ensure a vital service. Therefore, we heavily invest in their training so that they develop technical and attitudinal skills in a proper and constant manner.

In 2023, we have provided more than 5,600 hours of training aimed at learning and updating their technical knowledge, and developing their personal skills and aptitudes - all these distributed among mandatory courses, continuous training, and on-the-job guidance.

This approach has allowed us to achieve very important results. Firstly, our employees felt more valued and appreciated. This pushed them to improve their performance and productivity.

Secondly, it had a positive impact on client relationships. Relationships built on commitment and mutual trust. Our customers know they can rely on our highly qualified staff, capable of always responding precisely to their needs and requests, guaranteeing a service of the highest quality.