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Markas stands for Inclusion & Diversity

01.12.2023 - Austria - Italy - Germany

December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On this day, the color purple is used worldwide to show support for more inclusion of people with disabilities in society. Markas is also participating in the "Purple Light Up" campaign and is calling for more awareness!
For years, we have been a strong advocate for inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity. We have set a goal to be an employer where all employees, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, origin, gender, or sexual orientation, feel welcome.

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What is #PurpleLightUp?
The Purple Light Up campaign was launched in England in 2017 by Kate Nash and PurpleSpace and uses the color purple to show a visible sign of inclusion and diversity around the world. It wants to make people with disabilities more visible and raise awareness of this topic. Because the potential of people with disabilities is often overlooked in the labor market today.
Inclusion starts in the head
At the beginning of the initiative, we set a goal with the experts from myAbility to become an inclusive employer and developed appropriate measures. To achieve our goals, it is important to break down barriers in the head. Therefore, we focus on measures such as awareness workshops for managers and employees with the help of our partners such as the NEBA-Betriebsservice. New employees also receive the message immediately in the onboarding process.
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Recognize potential
Openness and awareness are the basis for successful collaboration. Recognizing the potential of the individual and finding the right job is clearly at the forefront for us. In order to be able to successfully break down barriers here, we offer support in training and further education, for example in the form of sign language courses.

Joint successes
Since Markas has publicly committed itself to more inclusion in the labor market, our employer brand has undergone a change. Markas is no longer just a fair, reliable, and committed, but also an inclusive employer. The open positioning as an inclusive employer opened doors for numerous cooperations. Non-profit organizations that support people with disabilities in their job search, as well as people with disabilities themselves, trust us.
Collage of Markas employees dressed in purple to celebrate Purple Light Up-Day
However, the inclusion measures show the greatest benefits on a non-measurable level: The corporate culture, which forms the core of an organization, is sustainably shaped by inclusion. Our decentralized, inclusive teams work together harmoniously, which has a positive impact on the working atmosphere and the team structure.
Every employment of a new employee with a disability is a small success for us. This means not only that we have found a good match between person and job. It also means that we can reach and appeal to people with disabilities with our activities, our team, and our offer.
We would like to contribute to more awareness not only within the company, but also in society as a role model with our measures. We thank everyone who is participating in the campaign and is setting a sign for inclusion and diversity together.