Markas Lift - a project for Markas employees’ children - participants

Markas Lift: a project designed for Markas employees’ children

26.09.2023 - Italy

15 young people from all across Italy, five days of training, and a 750-euro scholarship for each participant: at Markas Lift 2023 the protagonists were, once again, the children of Markas employees.

Markas Lift - a project for Markas employees’ children - outdoor activities
This is what Markas Lift 2023 was all about

The second edition of Markas Lift, the corporate welfare project dedicated to future generations, has come to an end. From September 4 to 8, the 15 participants, including sons and daughters of Markas employees between the ages of 18 and 29, had the opportunity to experience five days of career orientation with the goal of getting to know themselves and discover their own talents.

Immersed in nature in a tranquil location in Renon, just a few kilometres from Bolzano, the participants participated in workshops, hands-on activities and a variety of outdoor experiences (such as building a Tibetan bridge) always guided by professional mentors and coaches. The sons and daughters of Markas’ employees then got to discover even more things about the company while listening to work experiences and stories of managers and other professional figures working across Markas’ various divisions. A unique occasion to discover potential career opportunities and possible career paths.

Markas Lift 2023 also featured a great new addition: the award of a 750-euro scholarship for each participant in memory of Mario Kasslatter. A concrete gesture to support all young participants in achieving their career dreams.
Markas Lift - a project for Markas employees’ children - closing ceremony
Investing in younger generations

"There is a very high mismatch between labour demand and supply in our country, and Markas Lift helps the younger generation become aware of their prospective career path. - explains Evelyn Kirchmaier, General Manager of Markas. ‘’The initiative aims to prepare and guide the children of our employees in one of the most important moments of their lives: entering the labour market".

All those values that have always distinguished Markas as a family business are embodied in Markas Lift: reliability, commitment, fairness, professionalism, and above all, a forward-thinking approach.

"This is possible thanks to the continuous investment in training and the great attention to the younger generations’’ concludes Evelyn Kirchmaier. ‘’Because we are certain that the future lies in young people, their involvement and growth".