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School food services beyond the classroom: The contest “Draw, win, and go to the farm!” for the students of Decimomannu

26.06.2024 - Italy

Markas in collaboration with the primary and nursery school of Decimomannu, extended school food services beyond the classroom by launching a drawing contest called "Life on the farm".

The initiative aimed at stimulating the creativity of young artists, increase their knowledge regarding agriculture as well as help them understand the importance of farm life and its fundamental role in our daily lives. The competition involved children from all school classes and offered them the extraordinary opportunity to express their creativity while learning more about the world of agricultural.
School food services - students of Decimomannu
The contest

The main theme of the competition was life on a farm. The children were invited to explore and represent in their drawing, which had to be done collectively, what life on a farm means to them. 

The children had to choose a category among the most representative aspects of farm life, such as animals, plants, agricultural activities, or any other related aspect, and based on their imagination, create a small work of art. The drawings had to be original, and the children could get creative using different materials, such as coloured pencils, markers, watercolours, or any other drawing material, even recycled ones.

The winning class was identified for each category, and they were rewarded with a visit to "Su Bistentu", an educational farm.
School food services  - sheep

At the farm

At "Su Bistentu," the students experienced a unique educational experience, coming into direct contact with nature and learning more about agricultural life.

They had the chance to take part in multiple activities, specifically designed for them, such as visiting the ethnographic museum to learn about the occupations "of yesteryear", interacting with animals, a visit to a vegetable garden and orchards, feeding animals, collecting eggs, or visiting a cheese workshop.

Supported by their teachers, students were able to choose their favourite activity.